Numbers and wedding awards

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Here's the Numbers

  • 11 years in the catering business
  • 2 kitchens in Saint Petersburg and Sarasota
  • 2,750  "pop-up" restaurant set-ups
  • 13,400 meals served  one tournament
  • 1,815  weddings with 136,125 guests
  • 58 "five-star" wedding awards 

And we are just getting started!


Sustainabilty Practices

Our most significant catering impact is embracing imperfectly formed produce; fruit and vegetables that are thrown away at the store only because it does not meet aesthetic standards.  Our professional chefs transform these items into culinary masterpieces.  Other practices include utilizing eco-friendly serving ware and donation of food products to non-profit organizations in the Tampa to Sarasota area.  


Our Commitment to our Employees

You don't get to five-star wedding awards every year for every wedding unless you have committed employees: our employees' are compassionate, consummate catering professionals with a touch of humor.  Every year, Milan's Christmas party is the Buc's first pre-season game in Tampa.  Christmas gifts are tickets on the Bucs' 50-yard line, and everyone gets holiday pay.  "Go Bucs"!

Safety for all of us

Milan Catering in Sarasota

Sarasota Kitchen

Events located south of the Skyway Bridge


St. Petersburg Kitchen

Events located north of the Skyway Bridge

Phase One: Re-opening

The St. Petersburg and Sarasota kitchens are now operating as geographical teams based upon venue location.  Each kitchen is staffed by dedicated chefs and event teams who will be deployed as geographical teams only.  We implemented new service guidelines;  waitstaff now utilize gloves for all service, elimination of shared condiments on tables, and new layouts for close friends and family seating.   Our event manager reviews these new guidelines with our on-site teams at every event.   Finally, our employees' health has always been a priority for our company.  Milan has and will continue to pay 100% of our employees' health insurance premiums so that they may take antibody tests, when available.

In Florida, all caterers relicensed on a semi-annual basis for food safety, cleanliness, and food handling.  For the past ten years, Milan has consistently had exemplary inspections, which has built a corporate culture of quality control and safe food handling practices. While Florida only requires one Food Safety Manager, all of Milan's management and professional chefs are certified as Food Safety Managers and train our on-site event teams about safe food handling and their responsibilities.  

Executive Chef Roberta Montelione